Claris' organisational values and people practices help create a conducive work environment fostering high level of trust, pride, and camaraderie among people. The driving force behind our success is our team of like-minded, young, and experienced professionals, bound together by a culture of excellence and the desire to be among the world’s most admirable organisations. Wherever they are, whatever they do, Claris members stand for the commitment to make a difference to the world, and through their work, be a source of pride to their country, their company, their family, and above all, to themselves.

Career at Claris is driven by a professional approach, offering each individual a challenging career rather than a mere job. We ensure comprehensive development of our members through training & learning programmes, international & national exposure, engagement & involvement initiatives - all these while instilling our value system in them and fostering the culture of accountability, quality, and winning.

Career Progression

At Claris, we have well-defined organisational bands and hierarchical organisational structure, which the members can ascend through their determined efforts, continued dedication, and adept skills. The ‘Star Performers’ are identified and encouraged to undertake varied assignments through job enlargement, job rotation, and job enrichment. Career progression at Claris is thoroughly flexible to help individuals fulfill their aspirations, cultivate their interests, and enhance their capabilities.

For personal development & career advancements of all the members, Claris’ proficient HR team has designed well-structured capability enhancement programmes to strengthen behavioural, managerial, and leadership skills of the members. The quick learners are further exposed to prestigious institutions like IIMs, ISB, MDI, etc. for advanced learning and development. As an integral part of development philosophy at Claris, we provide ample opportunities to the members by way of international exposure through participation at conferences, seminars, and exhibitions.