Docetaxel Inj Concentrate
Neudoc is Docetaxel injection concentrate available along with its respective solvent. Docetaxel is an anti-metabolite agent known as a taxane. Taxanes are cytotoxic agents that work on a molecule called tubulin.
It is indicated for
  • Treatment of locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer.
  • Treatment of metastatic or locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer including those that have failed platinum-based chemotherapy
  • Treatment of metastatic carcinoma of the ovaries where first line or subsequent chemotherapy has failed
  • Treatment of androgen independent (hormone refractory) prostate cancer
Product variants & features
 Product  Strength  Presentation  Features
NEUDOC  20mg
7.5 ml vial
15 ml vial
20mg vial  

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